Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some tricks

Lighting plan was not too complicated, but it is not simple. Due to the need for a shorttime I did not flash the full freedom of power regulation. In which case it can be done? I will not say anything new, if you mention that the amount of light is mostly dependent onthe distance that must be overcome. Usually the larger the distance, it is weaker. Of course, sometimes the reverse is also focused beam, but the lighting of this type at thissession not been using, so for now I'll put this topic. If you do not have lamps with a wide range of adjustment, you can successfully exploit this principle. Another method is to use gray filters. I am thinking of films that are produced in several luminosities by companies such as Rosco and Cotech. Do not forget the savings - no need to buy a full range of filters, a lot is better to also buy them in the roll than in sheets.This allows us to put them before the lamp twice or more times complex.