Thursday, January 27, 2011


Slide is a positive image obtained directly on the film negative format. Characterized by high quality reproduction of reality and a very high color saturation. Prior to the digital recording technology, the reality was the main carrier of the image used for printing. Significantly surpassed its negative quality materials. Slides are still used as the primary medium of communication such as diaporamie.
Currently, the importance of expanded use of computer techniques in data communications, in modern graphic presentation as a basic element of presentation and computer animation including flash technology. It is equivalent to a single frame in the movie.
The presentation consists of a sequence of slides containing text, images, lists of questions, diagrams and charts, audio and video. Is displayed on the screen by the time defined previously by the author of the show, or, depending on their immediate needs (manual change slide). A slide shown during the "live" show is the basis of the verbal commentary of the speaker, which extends the issues outlined in the slide.
In some environments (eg, academics) was determined by that date and a special film on which the various elements drawn in, and then displays them on screen using epidiascope diaskopu or as an aid in the presentation of the topic.