Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Structure and elements of an SLR

The SLR camera with a specific structure, so it will devote a separate chapter. Canon has released a document describing very precisely DSLR EOS-1D Mark IV. This is a pdf document larger than 7 MB, so when the first download should be saved to disk for looking into it does not require multiple downloads from the network. This is called the white paper, this term means an official document that explains very accurately describing a problem or a product. In other words, this is a very accurate description of the parameters and rules of operation of the camera. The document has 123 pages and contains many photos, diagrams and charts explaining the operation of the different elements of this camera. Since the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV is currently one of the most advanced models of digital photography apartów SLR class, we use the information contained in this "White Paper" for explanations of the workings of many elements of this type of camera. The best solution is studying the original document, but it is in English and not everyone can handle and understand some subtleties of language. We will not explain it dokmentu, because you must have permission from the copyright holder and only on the basis of the principles we describe the basic elements of an advanced SLR, popularly called as cameras with interchangeable lenses and a movable mirror directing the image from the lens to the viewfinder. Studying the various paragraphs of this chapter should have opened the original document that you can quickly look at the drawing, or diagram illustrating the described problem.