Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Autofocus tracking

Autofocus tracking, tracking it in English autofocus, autofocus and provides a predictiveautofocus. The action of this type of focus in the model Canon EOS-1D Mark IV is a verycomplicated description can be postudiować in this document called the White Paper,of course, English. In our FOTOPORADNIKU let us quote a simplified description of how such a system. That track is a continuous course focusing on a moving object, which is approaching ormoving away from the lens. The points can describe it anyway.

- Camera control program forograficznym "fishes out from the frame a distinctive objectwhich" nacelowaliśmy "our camera. Let this object changes the distance from the camera, which is approaching or moving away from us.
- The program sets the lens so that the image of the object was sharp. This takes about 1 / 100 sec lens settings are stored.
- After a short time as possible (say, 0.05 s) the program re-focusing. The new settingsare stored lens too. The program compares both the lens settings and their values ​​are determined direction of movement of the object and its speed to the camera.
- Press the shutter button to take a picture. The program knows the time of pressing theshutter button until it opened and already knowing the speed and direction of thephotographed object, the program sets the lens so that the image of the object when theshutter speed was sharp.