Thursday, March 31, 2011

How does a three-dimensional display work?

Built-in screen works in a similar way as already known in the nineteenth centuryfotoplastykony. Each eye receives slightly shifted image that the brain is connected to athree-dimensional object. The problem was, however, the separation of the two versions of a photo or video. Applied to the sets of lenses, or two-color or polarized glasses. All solutions have the same drawback: the use of additional equipment required for viewingthree-dimensional images.

The three-dimensional camera for photography presented by Fujifilm is not necessary.The display is designed so that if you look in front of him, the two eyes may be routeddifferently image. The same works for digital photo frame, you can buy the kit. There is also provided to enjoy the 3D image viewing photos at the right angle and fixeddistance.