Saturday, March 26, 2011

3d photography

Three-dimensional movies are doing a stunning career. Cameras to enable them tospin, however, are expensive. On the market there are cameras, while performing three-dimensional photographs. At the moment only available for the average model isKowalski Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D, but if the experiment succeeds, it certainly will goafter them other manufacturers.

Principle shooting is simple and has been known since 160 years. It mimics the way weperceive the world. The 3D camera has two lenses, which carry pictures at slightlydifferent angles. Just as the human eye. An image of each lens is cast in a separatematrix. Then both images are processed by the camera and stored on a memory card.Shooting is done so as in a normal digital camera, as long as you have become accustomed to a very natural way of holding the camera in such a way that does notobscure any of the lenses.

The same could have been done before, but this involved the performance of the twoimages into a series of carefully mounting angles and a computer. Execution of twoimages at the same time also allows you to capture moving objects.

There is more good news: for viewing images you do not need special glasses, at leastnot always. Can be seen on the screen of the camera or stand-alone display, on a typical monitor (with glasses), and soon even on ... printed prints!