Friday, March 11, 2011

Photographing water in motion

To perform almost every person needs professional tools. Occupation photographer is no exception, but not enough in the studio camera, flash, several tripods and computer.We will need more tools and accessories to be used in a variety of specialties. There must be a professional course, large machines such as computer-controlled milling machine, although this would probably be useful sometimes. Every photographer, depending on the course should complete their own set, which should not be missing tapes, veins, plasticine, scissors, pliers, etc., etc. - could be exchanged for a long time.Are also very helpful for multiple mounting accessories manufactured by companies such as Manfrotto or Foba, but without them it can be to deal with. 
I have never concealed that the pictures I make are the result of combining photography with computer processing. I mention this because already at work in the studio we have to think about editing later. For this reason, the implementation of the photographic material for this work was divided into several parts. Is good practice to draw the everything before the session to clarify the expected results and consider what steps to divide the work. Drawing does not need to be beautiful, but should include all the elements to be included in the frame.
First of all - a glass with ice cubes and mint. Its preparation took a long time, even though the peppermint dough was stuck to the bottom so as not to be inferred, and the bones were made of acrylic and the wicked do not leap to the surface. The same paste and position of everything in an attractive manner cost no small effort. If someone come to similar compositions without difficulty and is looking for work, willing to hire him in his studio as a stylist. To facilitate your work, after setting the frame and focus was to determine the necessary background to where the glasses. This allowed it to be discontinued in exactly the same point, whenever there was a need to. After each set, ice and mint zalewaliśmy gently mix them lightly carbonated, so as not to disturb the composition of the glass.